Sump Pump Services and Inspections

Sump Pump Services and Inspections

Sump pumps are important to help keep the area under and around your home dry. These small machines help prevent costly water damage and basement flooding.

Having the right sump pump services can make the difference between a flooded basement and an investment that keeps your home safe from structural damage, mold growth, and other costly problems.

Backup Power Source

A sump pump battery backup is an add-on pump that takes over for your primary sump in the event of a power outage or pump malfunction. It can also help you avoid the costly water damage that occurs if your basement is flooded during severe weather events and hurricanes.

Most battery backup systems rely on a DC battery to provide electricity in the case of a power outage. These batteries are recharged by a generator or solar panels, so they remain ready for use. You can also find systems that use an AC power source to keep your pump running.

Water-powered emergency backup sump pumps consume city water to run, so they can increase your water bill if used frequently. They can also be dangerous if they operate during storms that cause water shortages in your neighborhood. Some municipalities even prohibit these types of sump pumps. Battery backup systems work on their own without using city water to operate, and they are much less expensive to maintain over time than water-powered sump pumps.

Clogged Pump

Over time, like all mechanical machines, your sump pump can experience wear and tear. For example, it can start to make strange noises or stop working altogether. It could also have issues with the float switch or other parts. This is why having regular sump pump maintenance and inspections is important.

A common problem is the float switch getting stuck or jammed, especially in cheaper models. A clogged float switch can also cause the pump to run nonstop, which isn’t good for your basement or your home’s energy bill.

You should also check that the outlet receptacle works. You can test this by plugging in another device and checking for voltage. A broken outlet or a power outage can also affect the operation of the sump pump. If the receptacle is okay and your sump pump still doesn’t work, contact a professional for a repair. They can replace the motor or other parts if needed.

Debris in the Pit

Debris can work its way past the pump’s screen and into the impeller, causing the pump to jam. It can also block the discharge pipe, preventing water from moving through it. To prevent this, a Stashluk plumber will remove the pump, disconnect its piping and disassemble it to check the screen and impeller for debris.

A sump pump is an important part of your home, keeping it from flooding and ensuring that the water removed from your basement doesn’t return to the house. It’s easy, though, to neglect this important piece of equipment.

Sump pumps are hardy pieces of machinery, but they still require regular inspection and maintenance. If you notice any of these issues, call a plumber right away! The sooner you do, the less damage to your pump will cause. A well-maintained pump can last for decades. However, if you’re not cleaning the pit regularly or inspecting its components, you may need to replace it sooner than that.

Power Outage

The power outages caused by the recent wildfires in California have given many homeowners cause for concern over the state of their sump pumps. A properly working sump pump can protect your home from costly water damage, mold growth, mildew, and electrical fires.

Sump pumps are found in the basement or crawl spaces of homes and are used to remove excess water, especially after heavy rainstorms or snowfall. If your sump pump isn’t working, it can cause flooding, structural damage, and expensive water damage to appliances in the basement.

If your sump pump isn’t functioning as it should, contact a waterproofing contractor to see how they can help you solve the problem. They will provide you with a free consultation and estimate for the project. A plumber can also install a new sump pump if necessary. They are trained to do so without risking property damage or causing flooding. They have the tools and equipment to complete the installation quickly and efficiently.